February 6, 2010

tomorrow i fly back to vancouver. that feels good to say, like being able to exhale after a month of holding my breath. i’m only home for one day, but what a glorious day it will be.

i’ve spent the last week here in mount snow vermont freezing my ass off. it’s so cold here, i don’t know why anyone lives in this state. the contest went well, the course started off to an extremely rocky start but the snow park technology boys pulled through for us. i ended up messing my run up a bit and getting third place for the event and for the overall. bummed i didn’t get to double up on dew titles, but there’s always next year. stoked for jamie and jenny, both have been riding so well this year.

after tomorrow i head to skeena heli in smithers bc with marie france roy and mikey rencz. so stoked to ride some powder and get royally humbled by the likes of marie and mikey. should be good times.

talk soon,



found it!

February 1, 2010

if you feel like it, tom wallish and sage are kicking my ass in the votes. www.allisports.com/powerbar.

fell down a bunch at x games, looking for redemption this week at dew.

talk soon,


uhh, it’s been a while

January 19, 2010

but what better a time to kick start the new year than by kick starting my personal blog again. sorry for the extremely long break in posts. this fall i joined forces with the ladies at hearty magazine and became part of their blogger brigade. each and every one is unique, talented and way more interesting than me, but i’m trying to hold my own as the sporty spice of the group. as you can see from lack of effort here, hearty consumed most of my blogging desires, but i’m hoping that, starting today, all of that will change.

i spent the fall renovating our new place in north van. new floors, new paint, new kitchen. no we didn’t buy, as much as i wish that were true, we’re renting it from anthony’s parents so it works out perfectly. i’m really happy to have a place to call home with the most important person in my life.

after a few months of relaxing we headed south to colorado to do some early season training at keystone and breck. it was ridiculously cold, anthony broke a lot of boots and leanne and myself fell down at the dew tour, but overall it was a really fun way to start the season. we made the long drive home and i spent the holidays on the island at my mom’s house. it was nice to be home for a bit and to see my family as that doesn’t happen too often. spent nye in vancouver, got way too drunk on champagne, lost anthony in downtown vancouver and thought i was going to get arrested for being extremely intoxicated. somehow i made it back to the northshore and miraculously found anthony walking back to leanne’s from 7-11 with lots of carbohydrates. we pigged out, slept at leanne’s and then made our way back home early the next morning, both extremely hungover. i flew out later that day, back to none other than colorado.

anyways, i just got back to meg’s from the utah stop of the dew tour. i won! hooray! in honor of my win i bought myself a dress from target and some new dolce vita shoes, so pumped! i’ll post a link of my run if i ever find it, no luck yet.

x games next week. i’ll keep you posted on my adventures in colorado, hopefully more frequently than the past. i’ll put some photos up tomorrow.

talk soon,


rumpus-karen o and the kids

the time has come

September 12, 2009

the walrus said, to talk of many things. things like…HOME! i’m going home in just two short days. i can’t believe it, this trip has gone by so fast and i’ve had so much fun. it’s been really nice to just be in one place for longer than a week and to let myself settle in somewhere, even if it is 12,000 miles from home. the last week of riding has been really fun, working hard on learning cab spins and playing around on the rails. tonight we celebrated jamie’s 19th at  missy’s kitchen in wanaka, happy birthday jamie! i love that place, great food, but one really crappy waiter who i keep on getting, which sort of makes the experience a bit unfortunate.

tomorrow is my last day of riding and then hopefully i’ll spend the evening at rippon vineyard or in qt going to ferg burger and inglorious bastards. either way would be a great way to end an almost perfect trip. here’s a few photos from the last few weeks. i wish i had some of the lambs that are finally here! i’m going to go hunt them down tomorrow, i need to see a lamby before i go.

talk soon,


this is

September 2, 2009

the most beautiful thing i’ve seen in a long time. thanks to blake for posting it. i hope you all enjoy it as much as i did and i wish you could have seen the smile it brought to my face.

remember quiet nights.

let yourself feel.

sometimes i forget how important the little things are. sometimes i miss letting myself feel everything.

talk soon,


it’s strange

August 29, 2009

to feel completely at home half way around the world. i guess having anthony here with me helps, as does having a daily routine to follow, but it’s just interesting because there’s very few places that i feel this comfortable. i’ve been in new zealand for nearly a month now and have changed my ticket to stay here for two more weeks before heading back to vancouver. unfortunately for me it’s been raining and really horrible weather for the last week now and it doesn’t show any signs of slowly down. i hope it chills out so we can actually go up the mountain because this town is pretty boring when you can’t go snowboarding or go outside. i think i’m going to go bake seeing as i don’t have anything else to do.

i don’t know what else to say…i’m bored and i want to go snowboarding!

talk soon,


moonshiner-cat power

oh and listen to neverending math equation-sun kil moon (awesome cover)


August 17, 2009

from the last few weeks in nz. pretty standard.


hopefully life will get more interesting in the next two weeks…

talk soon,


new zealand

August 11, 2009

will be my new home for the next three weeks. i arrived a week ago after a month spent in whistler and vancouver. it was hard to leave the beautiful weather in vancouver, but it was worth the swap to get in some solid riding time. yesterday was the first day of practice for the Burton NZ Open and the course is looking really good. Today was totally crap weather so I decided to chill out rather than wandering aimlessly through the fog and rain up on the mountain in hopes of getting a few practice runs. Tomorrow is another day of practice and then it’s go time on Friday with semis and finals going down. The women’s slope field is extra stacked this year with the likes of Janna Meyen-Weatherby, Sarka Pancochova, Jamie Anderson, Hana Beaman and Jenny Jones to name a few so it should be a really good show. You can follow the live feed at www.go211.com, and hopefully i’ll be in there with the rest of the talented ladies. Wish me luck!

Oh and if you’re in wanaka at the moment, Burton is premiering their new movie “The B” tonight at the Wanaka Center so come and check it out.

Talk soon,




July 28, 2009

in. here’s a good trailer for an even better looking documentary. we’re all so oblivious and every time i get a wake up call like this one, it blows my mind. i try to use a sigg bottle as much as possible, i have a filter a home, i recycle, but i still buy bottled water all the time.i guess every bit makes a difference, even though there’s a pile of it in the middle of the ocean the size of texas. makes my individual efforts seem pointless…

everyone just needs to get a bit more informed, myself included.

road tripping

June 6, 2009

through europe was a really good decision. been on the road for exactly two weeks, starting in france and travelling down through italy and heading to croatia today. we ended up staying in seignosse at darina’s place for a lot longer than expected, but it was really a lot of fun. a few amazing beach days that resulted in really funny burn lines. i could barely walk for two days because i burnt the backs of my legs so badly. i now have a stripe up one leg and random finger print lines up my right side…i look retarded. this is why i never tan, pasty just suits me better.

after darina’s be started the long drive to italy, stopping in the small town of avignon to break up the drive. we went to cinque terre, a collection of 5 tiny fishing villages on the coast of italy and then continued on to rainy florence. way too many tourists in that place, but i got to see the duomo, david and go to the uffizi which was really cool. we spent a few days in tuscany (my new favorite place) doing wine tastings and cruising through siena. it’s one of the most beauitful and relaxing places i have ever been, plus the wine is awesome. we bought a few bottles at one of the vineyards we stopped at and almost ended up dropping 200 euros to stay the night there. it probably would have been worth it, but oh well.

we’re now in rome, but are super over the tourist thing so we’re catching the ferry from bari tonight to croatia. at least i got to see the colloseum, roman forum, trevi fountain and an italian man beat up his wife with a metal belt buckle in the middle of the day. i had enough of rome once i saw that. it was the most brutal and awful thing i’ve ever witnessed and i think the worst part was that grown italian men just stood there and watched it like it was normal. we were all loaded into the van to go back to our campsite when it happened and one of the guys got out pretty quickly when he realized no one was stopping him, but it was too late. the guy ran off and the woman ran to us crying and screaming, bleeding from her head. ben, the guy from our campsite, took off his shirt to help stop the bleeding and still not a single person who could speak her language, take her to the hospital or call for help did. not even our driver would help her, he just yelled at her to get out of the van. i can’t ever imagine that happening in canada,that someone could even get away with doing that in a public place without numerous people trying to stop the man and help the woman. it was really sad and i hope that if it was her husband she leaves him because  a man like that doesn’t even deserve the love of his own mother.

sorry for the downer there, it’s just something i haven’t been able to stop thinking about. we’re going to start the drive to bari now. i’ll update sometime…maybe.

talk soon,


man in the mirror-micheal jackson
i lost my phone in ny so we have no music but three cds that we bought, mj’s been getting us through some long ass drives.